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Hi, guys. :3

I'm just this 13-year-old Tolkien ultrafan... been lurking here long, just signed up so I could interact whenever I needed and so I can edit some minor stuff. :)

I draw and write fanart and fanfics about the Silmarillion (my chief Tolkien interest.) Yes, shameless self promotion, but I won't exactly provide a link to my stuff yet. They suck. XD

So yeah. I don't know if there's private messaging here; there are usually in sites like this; just in case there is, feel free to send me one. I love to talk ;)

I'm treating this article as a user profile page, not exactly an article on me... it is one, right? :)

Tenna hilyalalwa véla,

Arien ;)

Yes, I'm trying to learn some Quenya ;) it supposedly means "Until our next meeting"