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                                                      CUT TO:


BOOM! A FIREWORK explodes into the night sky high above the shape of a great green tree with unfolding
branches. TILT DOWN: with glowing flowers as they rain down
from the branches...evaporating just above the up turned
faces of the delighted party-goers 144 Hobbits, feasting and
drinking Carts of beer and wine are scattered about, and the
tables are piled high with steaming scones and savories.
Gandalf hurries about, lighting fireworks with a blue spark
that dances magically from his staff... Bilbo is greeting
visitors. Frodo and SAM sit at a table drinking ale...Frodo
notices Sam's eyes keep flicking to another pretty Hobbit,
Rosie Cotton, sitting some distance away.

          Go on, Sam, ask Rosie for a dance.

          I think I'll just have myself another

          Oh, no you don't. Go on.

Sam goes to drain his glass... suddenly it is snatched out of
his hands as Frodo thrusts him into the middle of a passing
throng of dancers.



as he is Swept away. Frodo laughs and finishes Sam's beer.

                                                      ANGLE ON:

Gandalf as he sets alight a particularly spectacular firework
that draws gasps of admiration from the party guests.

Close on: Bilbo is relating stories of his adventure to a
group of young hobbit children.

          So, there I the mercy of three
          monstrous trolls...Have you ever heard of
          a troll? Do you know what a Troll is?
          Great big nasty twenty foot high smelly
          things..and they're arguing...arguing
          about how they were going to cook us!


upturned face...her eyes growing larger and larger.

          Whether it be turned on a spit or minced
          in a pie or whether they were going to
          sit on us one by one and squash us into
          jelly! But they spent so long arguing
          the whether-to's and why-for's that the
          sun's first light crept over the top of
          the trees...and turned them all to stone!

STUNNED GASPS from his young Audience greet his astonishing
feat! Close on: MERRY AND PIPPIN, two mischievous Young
Hobbits in their late teens. Pippin scrambles on to the back
of Gandalf's wagon, snatching up a small firework

              (urgent whisper)
          No, no..the big one...the big one! Pippin
          grabs a huge rocket. CLOSE ON: FIREWORK
          FUSE crackles with flame!

Merry is holding out the big rocket...he looks aghast at the
fizzing fuse that Pippin has just lit.

                    MERRY (CONT'D)
              (worried whisper)
          You're supposed to stick it in the



          It is in the ground.

Merry fearfully tosses the Rocket to Pippin! The fuse
sizzles angrily.


          It was your idea.

Pippin attempts to throw the fizzing rocket back to Merry.
WHOOSH! The two hobbits are suddenly blown off their feet in
a shower of sparks as the rocket blasts off with frightening
power. The ROCKET ZOOMS over the Party..It suddenly bursts
apart, forming the shape of a great red golden Dragon! Fire
gushes from its nostrils as it turns back and Flies low
towards the startled crowd. Close on: Frodo watches the
Fireworks Dragon with alarm...but Bilbo is oblivious to the
Panicking crowd and impending danger!

          Bilbo! Watch out for the dragon!!

          Dragon? Nonsense...hasn1t been a dragon
          in these parts for a thousand years!


As he hurriedly pulls Bilbo to the ground, just as the dragon
roars a few feet above their heads like a flaming express
train! Hobbits dive to the ground, tables overturn, tents
collapse, food flies everywhere. The fireworks dragon turns a
somersault and explodes over the hills with a deafening bang!
This gets the biggest Cheer of the night.


clothes and hair smoking.

          That was good!

          Let's get another one!

LARGE HANDS suddenly clamp down on Merry and Pippin's ears.
Low angle: Gandalf looking DOWN STERNLY!



          Meridoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took...I
          might have known!

                                                        CUT TO:


Are leaning over a barrel, washing dishes in soapy
water...with Gandalf sitting nearby, smoking his pipe and
sipping an ale. Cries of "SPEECH! SPEECH" erupt from the

                                                      ANGLE ON:

Bilbo stepping on a stool...he bows in gratitude at the


              (clearing throat)
          My dear Bagginses, and Boffins, tooks and
          Brandybucks...Grubbs, Chubbs,
          Hornblowers, Bolgers, Bracegirdles and


                       ODO PROUDFOOT

          Today is my one hundred and eleventh
          birthday. Yes, and alas...Eleventy- one
          years is far too short a time to live
          among such excellent and admirable
          Hobbits! Tremendous outburst of approval!

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          I don't know half of you half as well as
          I should like; and I like less than half
          of you as well as well as you deserve.

SCATTERED CLAPPING as the guests try to work out if that was
a compliment or not. CLOSE ON: FRODO AND GANDALF smiling to
themselves. CLOSE ON: Bilbo...a strange hum seems to fill his
head. A bead of sweat rolls down his brow.

Bilbo's hand pulls something out of his waistcoat pocket and
holds it behind his back.



                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          I have..things to do and I have put this
          off for far too long... CLOSE ON: BILBO'S
          knuckles turn white as he tightens his
          grip on the small object behind his back.

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          I regret to announce, this is the end. I
          am going now. I bid you all a very fond
          farewell!! Bilbo looks across at Frodo,
          hesitates... then...

                    BILBO (CONT'D)

Bilbo instantly vanishes. The party explodes into an
uproar... the crowd leaps to its feet.


staring at the empty stool in disbelief.