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                                                       CUT TO:


Close on: An old sword sliding out of a shabby leather
Scabbard...its polished, well tendered Blade glitters cold
and bright.

          My old sword "Sting", take it!

Bilbo offers Sting to Frodo.

          It's so light!

          Yes, yes, made by the Elves, you know.
          The blade glows blue when Orcs are
          close...and it's times like that, my lad,
          when you have to be extra careful.

Bilbo unwraps a small shirt of close woven Mail.

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          Here's a pretty thing. Mithril, as light
          as a feather, and as hard as dragon
          scales. Let me see you put it on. Come

CLOSE ON: Frodo peels off his shirt... revealing The Ring on
the Chain around his neck.

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          Oh! My old Ring... Frodo frowns as Bilbo
          moves toward him.

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          I should very much like to hold it again,
          one last time. Bilbo reaches forward,
          eyes locked on the ring.



Suddenly! A shadow passes across Bilbo...for a split second
he becomes a wrinkled creature with a hungry face and Bony,
groping hands. Frodo pulls away, shocked...the shadow passes.
Bilbo slumps into a chair, his head in his hands. Bilbo
falters...his eyes filling with tears.

                    BILBO (CONT'D)

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          I'm sorry, that I brought this upon you,
          my boy...I'm sorry that you must carry
          this burden. I'm sorry for everything.

Bilbo sobs and Frodo moves to comfort him.