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User:Amroth/Screenplays/Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring/Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

                                                        CUT TO:


CLOSE ON: THE RING...Glinting on the floor...Gandalf circles
around it, a Puzzled look on his face. Gandalf slowly reaches
for the ring. His fingers barely touch the ring...the creepy
Hum rises on the soundtrack. Gandalf is sitting in front of
the fire, with his pipe...staring into the flickering flames.



                    BILBO (V.O.)
          It's mine, my own, my precious.

              (to himself)
          Riddles in the dark.

                    FRODO (O.S.)
          Bilbo! Bilbo!

Frodo rushes into Bag End...he stops and picks up the ring at
his feet. Gandalf continues staring into the fire, as if
locked in thought.

              (to himself)
          My precious...precious..

          He's gone, hasn't he? Frodo steps into
          the living room.

                    FRODO (CONT'D)
          He talked for so long about leaving...I
          didn't think he'd really do it.

              (mutters to himself)


Gandalf turns...his eyes locking onto the ring in Frodo's

          Bilbo's ring.

Gandalf sorts hurriedly through Bilbo's papers...

                    GANDALF (CONT'D)
          He's gone to stay with the Elves. He's
          left you Bag End...

Gandalf holds out the envelope...Frodo drops the ring into

                    GANDALF (CONT'D)
          ...along with all his possessions.

Gandolf seals the envelope with wax. He hands it to Frodo.



                    GANDALF (CONT'D)
          The ring is yours now. But it somewhere
          out of sight. Gandalf rises hurriedly and
          starts to gather his things.

          Where are you going?

          I have some things I must see to.

          What things?

          Questions. Questions that need

          You've only just arrived! I don't

Gandalf is already at the door, he turns to Frodo.

          Neither do I. Keep it secret, keep it

Gandalf hurries out the door...leaving FRODO standing alone
in the Bag End.


The camera pushes in...the hum of the ring comes up on the
soundtrack. The camera pushes through the white paper to the
ring...beneath the hum the whispered murmur of BLACK SPEECH
can be heard.