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                     ARAGORN (CONT'D)
          Boromir glances towards Frodo, then back
          at Aragorn. Frodo is walking away, as if
          in a daze.

                     ARAGORN (CONT'D)
          Frodo? Frodo!

CLOSE ON: FRODO SLOWLY TURNS...a look of numb shock on his
devastated face. The Fellowship marches on.

                                                        CUT TO:


Aragorn scours ahead of the company, as they stumble on in
the fading the distance the shimmer of a large
forest can be seen...Lothlorien!


WIDE ON: The fellowship run across a forest floor strewn with
yellow flowers..above is a roof of golden leaves, held up by
silver pillars...the trunks of huge, grey trees. Gimli looks
nervously around...

          Stay close, young hobbits..they say a
          Sorceress lives in these woods. An elf-
          witch of terrible power. All who look
          upon her fall under her spell...

Frodo hesitates...a STRANGE VOICE whispers in his head...

                       GALADRIEL (V.O.)

          And are never seen again!

                    GALADRIEL (V.O.)
          ...your coming to us is as the footsteps
          of doom. You bring great evil here,

          Mr. Frodo?

          Well, here's one dwarf she won't ensnare
          so easily. I have the eyes of a hawk and
          the ears of a fox!



The FELLOWSHIP are suddenly surrounded by ARMED ELVES.
Deadly arrows aimed at their heads. HALDIR, the Elvish
captain steps forward... he looks at Gimli with disdain.

          The dwarf breathes so loud we could have
          shot him in the dark.

              (Elvish: with subtitles)
          Haldir of Lorien, we come here for your
          help. We need your protection.

          Aragorn! These woods are perilous. We
          should go back.

          You have entered the realm of the Lady of
          the Wood. You cannot go back.

Haldir's eyes lock onto Frodo.

                    HALDIR (CONT'D)
          Come, she is waiting.