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Low angle...looking up at ORTHANC...the tower of Isengard,
gleaming in the moonlight. The camera rises to reveal the
once beautiful gardens are not a pitted wasteland...with
smoke and fire billowing out

of numerous tunnels and vent holes that litter the forecourt
of ORTHANC. Strange guttural chants echo up from deep
underground. The camera is rising...a small moth flutters
into shot...and leads the camera towards the summit or
Orthanc. Gandalf lies slumped against the wall at the very
top of Orthanc, surrounded by a sheer 500 foot drop. He
looks Weak and Frail...and is seemingly asleep. The MOTH
flutters close to Gandalf. His hand suddenly moves at
lighting speed and SNATCHES THE MOTH. Gandalf brings his hand
close to his face and opens it. The moth sits on the palm of
his hand as Gandalf mutter strange words in a foreign tongue.
Close on: THE MOTH'S face... seemingly listening.



It suddenly flutters away. CAMERA FOLLOWS the moth off the
Orthanc summit, but drops past the moth...falling down, down,
towards the pitted wasteland, straight into a fiery red


The dead trees of Isengard are fed into roaring
furnaces...molten metal pours into hot metal,
beaten my sweating orc blacksmiths...armor and weapons are
forged from the great furnaces. Saruman strides among the
ORCS and stands looking on a new born uruk-hai as it escapes
its birthing membrane...this is LURTZ, who rises up to stand
before his master.