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                                                       CUT TO:


Wide on: GANDALF'S CART pulls up outside the gate to BAG
END...a particularly fine example of a Hobbit hole, with a
large round front door set into a grassy hillside. There is
a sign on the gate which reads: "NO ADMITTANCE EXCEPT ON
PARTY BUSINESS." Gandalf strides up to the garden path of Bag
End. He raises his staff and raps on the front door...a
voice calls out:

                     BILBO (O.S.)
          No, thank you! We don't want any more
          visitors, well wishers, or distant

          And what about very old friends?

Suddenly the door opens and BILBO BAGGINS stands before him.
He is a HOBBIT OF INDERTIMINATE AGE, with a mischievous
Twinkle in his eye. Wearing a dashing brocade waist coat, he
looks every inch the eccentric gentleman.




          Bilbo Baggins!

          My dear Gandalf!

Gandalf drops to his knee to embrace his old friend.

          It's good to see you. One hundred and
          eleven years old, who would believe it!

Gandalf looks at him more keenly.

                    GANDALF (CONT'D)
          You haven't aged a day! Gandalf and Bilbo
          laugh together and enter Bag End.

          Come on, come in! Welcome, welcome!!

                                                        CUT TO:


Bilbo leads Gandalf into Bag End...cozy and cluttered with
souvenirs of Bilbo's travels. Gandalf has to stoop to avoid
hitting his head on the low ceiling. Bilbo hangs up Gandalf's
hat on a peg and trots off down the hall.

          Tea? Or maybe something stronger... I've
          a few bottles of the Old Winyard left,
          1296...a very good year, almost as old as
          I am. It was laid down by my father. What
          say we open one, eh?

Bilbo disappears into the kitchen as Gandalf looks
around..enjoying the familiarity of Bag End...he turns,
knocking his head on the light and then walking into the
wooden beam. He groans.

                    BILBO (O.S.) (CONT'D)
          I was expecting you some time last week.
          Not that it matters, you come and go as
          you please, always have done, always


                    BILBO (O.S.) (CONT'D)
          You've caught me a bit unprepared, I'm
          afraid...we've only got cold chicken, bit
          of pickle, some cheese here...ooh, no,
          that might be a little risky...

Gandalf stops in front of a framed map, charred in one is Thorin's map of the Lonely Mountain, Gandalf
smiles to himself.

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          Er, we've got raspberry jam and apple
 some custard somewhere. Not
          much for Afters, I'm afraid. Oh
          no...we're alright...I've just found some
          sponge cake. Nice little snack. Hope
          it's enough.
              (comes into view)
          I could do you some eggs if you like?

Bilbo jumps, a half eaten pork pie in his hand, as Gandalf
mysteriously appears behind him.

          Just tea, thank you.

          Oh..right. You don't mind if...?

          No, not at all. Go ahead. A sudden loud
          knock on the front door.


Bilbo Baggins, you open this door..I know you're in there.

          I'm not home.

Gandalf watches, amused as Bilbo tries to hide.

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          I've got to get away from these
          confounded relatives, hanging on the bell
          all day, never giving me a moment's
          peace. I want to see mountains
          again...mountains, Gandalf... and then
          find somewhere quiet where I can finish
          my book...Oh, Tea!

          So, you mean to go through with your
          plan, then?



          Yes,'s all inhand. All the
          arrangements are made.

          Frodo suspects something.

          'Course he does, he's a Baggins...not
          some block headed Bracegirdle from

          You will tell him, won't you?

          Yes, yes.

          He's very fond of you.

          I know. He'd probably come with me if I
          asked him. I think, in his heart,
          Frodo's still in love with the Shire, the
          woods and the fields... little rivers.
          Bilbo stands gazing out of the kitchen

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          I am old, Gandalf... Bilbo looks at
          Gandalf sadly...

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          I know I don't look it, but I'm beginning
          to feel it in my heart.

                                                      CLOSE ON:

Bilbo's fingers close around his waistcoat pocket...gripping
a small, unseen object.

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          I feel thin...sort of stretched, like
          butter scraped over too much bread. I
          need a holiday...a very long holiday and
          I don't expect I shall fact,
          I mean not to.

                                                        CUT TO:



Gandalf and Bilbo are sitting on the Bag End porch. Below
them, final preparations are being made on the Party field.
Bilbo strikes a match and lights his pipe.

          Old Toby, the finest weed in

Bilbo blows a perfect smoke ring and watches it rise into the
air. A tiny sailing ship with masts and sails glides through
the Center of Bilbo's smoke ring.

                    BILBO (CONT'D)
          Gandalf my old friend...this will be a
          night to remember!