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                         Togo hon dad, Legolas! (Bring him down,
                         Legolas!) [Legolas shoots the Uruk-hai
                         in the shoulder but the latter keeps
                         going] Dago hon! Dago hon! (Kill him!
                         Kill him!)
                         [Legolas shoots the Uruk again. It stumbles
                         and then throws it self and the torch
                         at the bombs. An enormous explosion
                         is set off, blowing away a large part
                         of the wall. Rock, debris and bodies
                         are thrown up. Aragorn is also thrown
                         back by the force of the explosion and
                         on the ground, knocked out. Théoden
                         looks on in shock as the Uruk-hai streams
                         in past the Deeping Walls.]
                         Brace the Gate! Hold them! Stand firm!
                         [Gimli sees the Uruk-hai charging in
                         with Aragorn in their path. With a cry,
                         he jumps down from the wall and lands
                         on the Uruk-hai army, taking them out
                         as he stands.]
                         Aragorn!! Argh!

                         [He is soon overpowered. Aragorn gets
                         up and sees Gimli falling.]
                         Gimli! [He yells to the Elves behind
                         him] Hado i philinn! (Hurl the arrows!)
                         [The arrows take out the first group
                         of Uruk-hai coming through the hole
                         in the wall.]
                         Herio! (Charge!)

                         [Aragorn leads the Elves in a charge
                         towards the Uruk-hai streaming in. He
                         rushes to Gimli’s side and picks him
                         up. At the top of the battlements, Legolas
                         grabs a shield and sends it sliding
                         across the ground. He then hops onto
                         it and surfs down the steps, releasing
                         three arrows as he goes, and kicking
                         the shield to stab an Uruk-hai as he
                         lands at the bottom.]

                         [At the Ent Moot]

                         The Ents cannot hold back this storm.
                         We must weather such things as we have
                         always done.
                         How can that be your decision?!

                         This is not our war.

                         But you're part of this world! Aren’t
                         you?! [The Ents look at one another,
                         taken back] You must help, please! You
                         must do something!
                         You are young and brave, Master Merry.
                         But your part in this tale is over.
                         Go back to your home.
                         [Merry is putting on his jacket. Pippin
                         approaches him slowly]
                         Maybe Treebeard’s right. We don’t belong
                         here, Merry. It's too big for us. What
                         can we do in the end? We've got the
                         Shire. Maybe we should go home.
                         [Looking into the distance.] The fires
                         of Isengard will spread. And the woods
                         of Tuckborough and Buckland will burn.
                         And all that was once green and good
                         in this world will be gone. [Turns to
                         Pippin and puts a hand on his shoulder]
                         There won't be a Shire, Pippin.
                         [Pippin looks after Merry as he walks

                         Aragorn! Fall back to the Keep! Get
                         your men out of there!
                         Na Barad! Na Baraad! Haldir, na Barad!
                         (To the Keep! Pull back to the Keep!
                         Haldir, to the Keep!)
                         [Haldir nods and turns back. Gimli is
                         being carried away, kicking and struggling
                         as he goes]
                         [Protesting] What are you doing? Argh!
                         What are you stopping for!
                          THE GATE. SUDDENLY, HE IS STABBED IN HIS ARM.]

                         With a grimace, he kills the Uruk-hai
                         and looks down as his wound in seeming
                         disbelief. An Uruk-hai comes up from
                         behind him unnoticed and slices him
                         on the neck. As Haldir goes down, he
                         looks around him and sees his kin fallen
                         among dead Uruk-hai.]
                         [Sees Haldir falling] HALDIR!! [He runs
                         up the steps to Haldir’s side and catches
                         him and he collapses. Haldir's head
                         rolls back, his eyes empty and unseeing.
                         Aragorn bows his head in grief. Then
                         with a cry, he jumps onto a ladder and
                         swings down to the ground, killing as
                         he goes.]
                         Brace the gate!

                         Hold them!

                         [Drawing his sword] To the gate! Draw
                         your swords!
                         [Théoden and his commanders come to
                         the gate, which is under heavy attack.
                         The Uruk-hai are knocking down the gate
                         and hacking through the broken wood.
                         Théoden stabs at an Uruk-hai and receives
                         a lance in his shoulder, blocked by
                         his armour. Grimacing in pain, Théoden
                         continues to stab at the Uruk until
                         led away by Gamling.]
                         Make way! We cannot hold much longer.
                         Hold them!

                         [Runs up and stabs away at the Uruk-hai
                         through the broken gate] How long do
                         you need?
                         Brace the gate!

                         As long as you can give me!


                         Timbers! Brace the Gate!

                         [Aragorn and Gimli slip out a side exit
                         and stand on a ledge just to the side
                         of the main gate. Aragorn peeks over,
                         seeing the large band of Uruk-hai storming
                         the gate.]
                         Come on! We can take ‘em!

                         It’s a long way.

                         [Gimli takes a peek and then steps back.]
                         [Mumbles] Toss me.


                         I cannot jump the distance! You’ll have
                         to toss me!
                         [Aragorn nods slowly and then turns
                         to grab the Dwarf.]
                         Oh! [Gimli stays Aragorn’s hand] Don’t
                         tell the Elf.
                         Not a word.

                         [He tosses Gimli to the head of the
                         Causeway and then leaps over.]
                         [Making quick work of killing the Uruk-hai]
                         [On the other side of the gate]

                         Shore up the door!

                                     SOLDIER 1
                         Make way!

                                     SOLDIER 2
                         Follow me to the barricade.

                                     SOLDIER 3
                         Watch our backs!

                                     SOLDIER 4
                         Throw another one over here!


                         [Men are bracing the gate with wood
                         and nails. Aragorn and Gimli continue
                         to fight off the Uruk-hai just outside.
                         Meanwhile the Uruk-hai load and fires
                         enormous hooks over the battlements.
                         Hundred of Uruk-hai climb onto super-ladders
                         as they are pulled up towards the walls,
                         the super-ladders locking onto the edge
                         of the battlements with their steel
                         grips. Legolas takes aim as another
                         super-ladder is being pulled up and
                         shoots away one of the ropes. The ladder
                         falls back onto the Uruk-hai army.]
                         Hold fast the gate!]

                         [Through a crack in the gate] Gimli!
                         Aragorn! Get out of there!
                         [Legolas calls to them from the top
                         of the battlements]
                         Aragorn! [He throws them a rope]

                         [Aragorn grabs Gimli in one hand and
                         the rope with the other as they are
                         pulled up the wall. Just then the Uruk-hai
                         load and fires enormous hooks over the
                         battlements. Hundred of Uruk-hai climb
                         onto super-ladders as they are pulled
                         up towards the walls, the super-ladders
                         locking onto the edge of the battlements
                         with their steel grips. Legolas takes
                         aim as another super-ladder is being
                         pulled up and shoots away one of the
                         ropes. The ladder falls back onto the
                         Uruk-hai army.]
                         Pull everybody back! Pull them back!
                         Fall back! Fall back!

                         They’ve broken through! The castle is
                         breached. Retreat!
                         Fall back!


                         Hurry! Inside! Get them inside!

                         Into the Keep!

                         [They all run towards the keep, Legolas
                         firing two arrows into the Uruk-hai
                         army as he goes.]

                         [Treebeard is walking through the forest,
                         carrying Merry and Pippin. The hobbits
                         look dejected.]
                         I will leave you at the western borders
                         of the forest. You can make your way
                         north to your homeland from there.
                         [Pippin suddenly looks up with a gleam
                         in his eyes.]
                         Wait! Stop! Stop! [Treebeard comes to
                         a stop.] Turn around. Turn around. Take
                         us south!
                         South? But that will lead you past Isengard.
                         Yes. Exactly. If we go south we can
                         slip past Saruman unnoticed. The closer
                         we are to danger, the farther we are
                         from harm. It’s the last thing he’ll
                         Mmmm. That doesn’t make sense to me.
                         But then, you are very small. Perhaps
                         you’re right. South it is then. Hold
                         on, little Shirelings. I always like
                         going south. Somehow it feels like going
                         down hill.
                         Are you mad? We’ll be caught!

                         No we won’t. Not this time.

                         [Faramir and company draws close to
                                     RANGER 1
                         Look! Osgiliath burns!

                                     RANGER 2
                         Mordor has come.

                         [With tears in his eyes] The Ring will
                         not save Gondor. It has only the power
                         to destroy. Please, let me go.
                         [Faramir hesitates for a moment.]

                         Hurry. [He presses them on]

                         Faramir, you must let me go!

                         [Frodo and Sam are pushed on towards

                         [Treebeard, Merry and Pippin come to
                         the southern edge of the forest.]
                         And a little family of field mice that
                         climb up sometimes and they tickle me
                         awfully. They’re always trying to get
                         somewhere where they – Oh!! [He sees
                         the desolated landscape of tree stumps
                         that used to be forested grounds] Many
                         of these trees were my friends. Creatures
                         I had known from nut and acorn.
                         I’m sorry, Treebeard.

                         [With tears in his eyes] They had voices
                         of their own. [His gaze turns to the
                         treeless Isengard and its smoking caverns]
                         Saruman! A wizard should know better!
                         [He lets out a ferocious roar that echoes
                         through the forest]
                         There is no curse in Elvish, Entish
                         or the tongues of men for this treachery.
                         My business is with Isengard tonight.
                         With rock and stone!
                         [Merry and Pippin turn around as they
                         hear rumbles from the forest. They see
                         many Ents emerging and marching towards

                         Hoorarooom... Come my friends. The Ents
                         are going to war. It is likely that
                         we go to our doom. Last march of the

                         [Osgiliath is still under siege as Faramir
                         and company arrives, dodging arrows
                         and falling rocks.]
                         Faramir, Orcs have taken the eastern
                         shore. Their numbers are too great.
                         By nightfall we’ll be overrun.
                         [Frodo suddenly seems stricken]

                         Mr Frodo!

                         It’s calling to him, Sam. His eye is
                         almost on me.
                         Hold on, Mr. Frodo… You'll be alright...
                         [Frodo sees that Sam is speaking to
                         him but he hears nothing. His senses
                         are overcome.]
                         Take them to my father. Tell him Faramir
                         sends a mighty gift. A weapon that will
                         change our fortunes in this war.
                         [Sam breaks away as they are being led
                         Do you want to know what happened to
                         Boromir? You want to know why your brother
                         died? He tried to take the Ring from
                         Frodo! After swearing an oath to protect
                         him, he tried to kill him! The Ring
                         drove your brother mad!
                         Watch out!

                         [A boulder crashes into a tower overhead
                         and shatters it. Suddenly, Frodo’s eyes
                         roll up and he stares at Faramir strangely.]
                         Mr Frodo?

                         [In a faraway voice] They’re here. They’ve
                         [Looking up] NAZGÛL!! [He grabs the
                         hobbits and thrusts them into a corner.]
                         Stay here. Keep out of sight. [To his
                         men] Take cover!

                         [Banners of the White Hand are flying
                         from the battlements of Helm’s Deep.
                         The Hornburg is overrun with Uruk-hai.
                         Théoden and company are in the hall
                         of the keep.]
                         The fortress is taken. It is over.
                         [Carrying a table with Legolas to shore
                         up the door of the hall] You said this
                         fortress would never fall while your
                         men defend it! They still defend it!
                         They have died defending it!
                         [In the Glittering Caves, the women
                         and children cry in fear as they hear
                         the battering ram banging on the door.]
                         They are breaking in!

                         Is there no other way for the women
                         and children to get out of the caves?
                         [There is no answer.] Is there no other
                         There is one passage. It leads into
                         the mountains. But they will not get
                         far. The Uruk-hai are too many.
                         Send word for the women and children
                         to make for the mountain pass. And barricade
                         the entrance.
                         So much death. What can men do against
                         such reckless hate?
                         [Pause] Ride out with me. Ride out and
                         meet them.
                         [A light of determination shines in
                         his eyes] For death and glory.
                         For Rohan. For your people.

                         The sun is rising.

                         [Aragorn looks up at a window to see
                         faint light streaming through. He recalls
                         Gandalf's words.]
                                     GANDALF (V.O.)
                         Look to my coming at first light on
                         the fifth day. At dawn, look to the
                         Yes. Yes! The horn of Helm Hammerhand
                         shall sound in the deep one last time!
                         Yes! [Gimli runs up the steps to the
                         horn of Helm Hammerhand]
                         Let this be the hour when we draw swords
                         together. Fell deeds awake. Now for
                         wrath! Now for ruin! And a red dawn!
                         [He mounts his horse and puts on his
                         helmet. The sound of the horn rumbles
                         through Helm's Deep as Gimli blows with
                         FORTH EORLINGAS!!

                         [Théoden leads the charge out of the
                         keep into the Hornburg, slashing away
                         at the Uruk-hai as they go. Without
                         pause, they storm out of the gate and
                         down the Causeway, right into the column
                         of waiting Uruk-hai. In the midst of
                         battle, Aragorn looks east and sees
                         a white rider against the rising sun]

                         Théoden king stands alone.

                         [Coming up from behind] Not alone. [He
                         raises a hand] Rohirrim!!
                         [Riders move up behind Éomer.]

                         [Looking to the east] Éomer!

                         To the king!

                         [The Rohirrim and the White Rider charge
                         down the slope. Half the Uruk-hai army
                         turns to face the challenge, bearing
                         their spears down towards the riders.
                         As the riders draw closer, the sun rises
                         behind them, momentarily blinding the
                         Uruk-hai who raise the hands (and spears)
                         to shield their eyes. The riders crash
                         right into the Uruk-hai and engage them
                         in battle.]

                         [The Ents are stomping over Isengard,
                         swinging their huge limbs, throwing
                         and stamping on Orcs and rolling huge
                         boulders over the ground. An Ent is
                         pulled down with chains by some Orcs,
                         who immediately jump on and hacks away
                         at his wooden limbs. Saruman rushes
                         out onto the balcony of Orthanc and
                         stares at the pandemonium in incredulity.
                         Merry and Pippin also throws stones
                         at Orcs, their aims true.]

                         A hit. A fine hit!

                         [Two Ents rock a wooden structure and
                         push it over into the caverns below,
                         smashing against the rock. Some Orcs
                         fire flamed-tipped arrows at an Ent,
                         setting him on fire. Saruman continues
                         to look about from his balcony, helpless.
                         Some Ents are now breaking away at a
                         Break the dam! Release the river!

                         [The dam is broken and Saruman looks
                         up to see the river rushing down the
                         slope towards Isengard, washing away
                         Orcs and wooden structures in its path.
                         Pippin, hold on! [The hobbits tighten
                         their hold on top of Treebeard]
                         Hold on, little hobbits!

                         [Treebeard braces himself against the
                         flood. As the water rushes over Isengard,
                         an Ent rushes in and thrusts his burning
                         body into the water. The water rushes
                         into the caverns, washing away the bridges,
                         mechanisms and structures within.]

                         [Frodo walks slowly away from the safe
                         corner. Gondorian Rangers are still
                         running about, defending their stations.]
                         What are you doing? Where are you going?!
                                     [SLOW MOTION
                         Frodo walks up some stairs and stands
                         on a bridge. A Nazgûl on a Fell beast
                         emerges in front of him. Frodo stares
                         at the Nazgûl, fixated. Feeling the
                         call of the Ring, he holds it up. Faramir
                         watches the unfolding tableau from below.
                         As Frodo moves to put the Ring on his
                         finger and the Nazgûl flies closer and
                         closer, Sam runs up and knocks Frodo
                         over. Faramir releases an arrow and
                         shoots the Fell Beast. Frodo and Sam
                         roll down the stairs. As they come to
                         a stop at the bottom, Frodo holds Sam
                         in a death grip, yells and points Sting
                         at his throat, his eyes livid with madness
                         and anger that someone would try to
                         take the Ring away.]

                         [With tears running down his face] It’s
                         me. It’s your Sam. Don’t you know your
                         [The madness fades and recognition returns
                         to Frodo’s eyes. He realises what he
                         nearly did and is overcome. Stumbling
                         backwards, he collapses against a wall
                         and Sting falls to the ground with a
                         clang. Sam gets up slowly.]
                         [Slowly and with despair] I can’t do
                         this, Sam.
                         [Getting up slowly] I know. It’s all
                         wrong. By rights we shouldn’t even be
                         here. But we are. [He stands and leans
                         against a wall, looking out into the
                         distance.] It’s like in the great stories,
                         Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered.
                         Full of darkness and danger they were.
                         And sometimes you didn’t want to know
                         the end. Because how could the end be
                         happy? [Images of the riders winning
                         the battle against the Uruk-hai at Helm’s
                         Deep] How could the world go back to
                         the way it was when so much bad had
                         Victory! We have victory! [He raises
                         his sword with a victorious cry]
                         But in the end, it’s only a passing
                         thing, this shadow. [The women and children
                         welcome the men as they return. Éowyn
                         runs up to Aragorn and embraces him,
                         crying tears of relief.] Even darkness
                         must pass. A new day will come. [Isengard
                         is flooded. Merry and Pippin looks on
                         from their perch on Treebeard. On the
                         balcony, Saruman stumbles back into
                         his chamber] And when the sun shines
                         it will shine out the clearer. Those
                         were the stories that stayed with you.
                         That meant something, even if you were
                         too small to understand why. But I think,
                         Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now.
                         Folk in those stories had lots of chances
                         of turning back only they didn’t. They
                         kept going because they were holding
                         on to something.
                         What are we holding on to, Sam?

                         There’s some good in this world, Mr.
                         Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.
                         [Standing in a corner, even Gollum seems
                         moved. Faramir walks over and comes
                         to kneel in front of Frodo]
                         I think at last we understand one another,
                         Frodo Baggins.
                         You know the laws of our country, the
                         laws of your father. If you let them
                         go, your life will be forfeit.
                         Then it is forfeit. Release them.

                         [Sam shakes the ranger’s hand from his
                         shoulder. Frodo looks up at Faramir
                         with gladness. Over in the realm of
                         Rohan, Gandalf, Théoden and company
                         ride to the top of a slope, looking
                         towards the Mountain of Fire in the
                         Sauron’s wrath will be terrible, his
                         retribution swift. The battle for Helm’s
                         Deep is over. The battle for Middle-earth
                         is about to begin. All our hopes now
                         lie with two little hobbits. Somewhere
                         in the wilderness.
                         [Frodo and Sam are walking through the
                         woods, away from Osgiliath.]
                         I wonder if we’ll ever be put into songs
                         or tales.

                         I wonder if people will ever say, ‘let’s
                         hear about Frodo and the Ring.’ And
                         they’ll say ‘yes, that’s one of my favorite
                         stories. Frodo was really courageous,
                         wasn’t he, dad.’ ‘Yes, my boy, the most
                         famousest of hobbits. And that’s saying
                         Huh, you left out one of the chief characters
                         – Samwise the Brave. I want to hear
                         more about Sam.
                         [Frodo turns to look at Sam.]

                         Frodo wouldn’t have got far without
                         Now Mr. Frodo, you shouldn’t make fun.
                         I was being serious.
                         [smiling] So was I. [He turns to walk
                         [Dreamily] Samwise the Brave. [He gives
                         his backpack a heave and follows Frodo]
                         [Gollum is crouching a short distance

                         We’re not gonna wait for you. Come on!
                         Master... Master looks after us. Master
                         wouldn’t hurt us.
                         Master broke his promise.

                         Don’t ask Sméagol. Poor, poor Sméagol.
                         Master betrayed us! Wicked, tricksy,
                         false. We ought to wring his filthy
                         little neck. [Twists the branch of a
                         tree] Kill him! Kill him! Kill them
                         both. And then we take the precious
                         and we be the master.
                         [Scuttles and hides behind a tree] The
                         fat hobbit, he knows. Eyes always watching.
                         Then we stabs them out. Put out his
                         eyeses. And make HIM crawl.
                         [Bites on his finger and nods eagerly]
                         Yes! Yes! Yes!
                         Kill them both.

                         Yes! No no! [Backs away against a tree]
                         It’s too risky, it’s too risky.
                         [He looks in the direction of the hobbits]
                         Where’s he gone? Hey Gollum, where are

                         [Softly and sinisterly] We could let
                         HER do it.
                         Yes. She could do it.

                         Yes, precious she could. And then we
                         takes it once they’re dead.
                         Once they’re dead…

                         Shh… [He pops out from hiding in front
                         of the hobbits.]
                         Come on, hobbits. Long ways to go yet.
                         Sméagol will show you the way.
                         [He turns to walk on, with Frodo and
                         Sam following behind.]
                         Follow me.

                         [ Camera pans up over the forest and
                         Ephel Dúath to reveal the desolation
                         of Mordor. To the left of the frame
                         is the glowing Eye of Sauron atop Barad-dûr,
                         and to the right of the frame is the
                         fiery Mount Doom. Three Fell Beasts
                         circle the dark skies. Lightning flashes
                         as the scene fades to black.]