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User:Bilbo J. O'Keeffe

Bilbo J. Baggins, I am really big fan of Tolkien's work. I love Lord of the rings and the hobbit and the rest of his work. Bilbo is my favourite Frodo 2 Sam 3rd Gimili 4 Gandalf 5 Gollum 6. I have known about Lord of the rings since 2002 because I was 2 but I remeber me playing Lotr or The Hobbit. Oh man I still play it. I have the One ring replicaTM it was made in the rocky mountains by Paul J Badali a wonderful jewellerist or thats what you call them anyway I wished it turned me invisible :). Lotr,Hp,and Spiderman were my favourite things ever I would love to play as I know you might think that i think or things are better than Lotr but I love Lotr so much the song into the west preformed by Annie Lennox made me cry thats how much I love it but spiderman was my life I loved but Lotr is better but I love LOTR. My dad made me a fake pipe I pretend going smoking some Toby or Southfarthing weed. I love to get into my dressing gown like a hobbit and wear my ugg boots because they make my feet feel like Hobbit feet. I hate geeting hair cuts because my hair goes short but not to long I like it nice and original. I goe through the fields like i'm on adventure! I have sting Bilbo/Frodo's sword. Well thats me I love <3 Lotr and the hobbits and everying to do with tolkien. Thank you