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User:Corsair Caruso

I've been a reader and fan of the Middle-earth Legendarium for the past 21 years or so. I started with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, worked my way through The Silmarillion a few years later, and got my hands on Unfinished Tales after that. I tried my hand at writing a little Middle-earth inspired poetry and fanfiction, but found myself limited in my knowledge of what was available. While searching for new sources to increase my knowledge base, I discovered The Road Goes Ever On. This ended up becoming the topic of my doctoral thesis recital and research document (read: dissertation), which was completed and defended as of December 2016.

I'd like to contribute what I can to this wiki, hopefully improve its content, and learn more about the Legendarium. I've got little experience working on wikis, but I'm happy to learn.