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  • Maurice Sendak:

"I'm still amazed when I think about how close were were to having Marice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are) illustrate The Hobbit....and how that would have shaped our views of this beloved tale.

If you don't recall, Sendak was asked to draw up a few sketches for The Hobbit. Apparently there were at least two, one of Bilbo & Gandalf and one of the Elves feasting. (Sadly, only the sketch of Bilbo survived). But the amazing part is that his sketch of the Elves was mis-labled as Hobbits, so when JRRT saw it, he said that Sendak didn't understand Hobbits at all.

Sendak and Tolkien were on different continents at the time, but before they could meet up, to sort out the misunderstanding, Sendak had a heart attack.

So if it were not for that little misunderstanding, we would likely have all grown up with The Hobbit, as illustrated by Marice Sendak.

And, on the one image that we have, it shows Bilbo with very hairy...but small feet."[1]