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User:Narfil Palùrfalas/Poetry/Lalaith

Sweet one, how I mourn for thee:
Thy laughter in the morning’s freshness
Brightly didst thou shine alone
How I miss my Lalaith.

Dear one, how I grieve for thee
Thy light and life in the green pastures
Garlands didst thou twirl for me
How I pine for Lalaith.

Angel, how I long for thee,
Thy chatt’ring gay dispelled my sorrows
In the meadows didst thou dance
How I loved my Lalaith.

Fair one, how I sing for thee
Thy dancing in the daisies blooming
Spark’ling were thy bright blue eyes
How I yearn for Lalaith.

Sador, tell me true of life
Of this mortality in this world
Is this life so sorrowful?
For I mourn my Lalaith.