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User:Narfil Palùrfalas/Poetry/Númenor, I Sing For Thee

Deep in the night weep the homeless women
Sadly the white gulls wail
The ocean groans for the one it’s lost
Númenor, I sing for thee!

The shim’ring stars gaze with icy glances
Ageless the moon doth cry:
“Come, let us mourn for the towers white –
Númenor, I sing for thee!”

Foam-flecked the Sea murmurs hymns of sorrow
Bleak the drowned voices call
Trapped in the nets of the sea they’ve loved
Númenor, I sing for thee!

Isildur and Elendil laugh not,
Wistful their eyes turn West
Longing e’er for their home that’s passed
Númenor, I sing for thee!

Sounding the horns are the star-eyed warr’iors
Seeing naught but their dead
Deep in the arms of the trem’bling waters
Númenor, I sing for thee!

Down in the depths of the wat’ry abyss
Bleached coral sits, their bones
Pearls are the eyes of the mariners sunk
Númenor, I sing for thee!