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Hello all. This is Old Took here. As someone who is interested in Tolkien from a scholarly standpoint, I am a contributor to general Wikipedia articles on all things Middle-earth and have just joined this community, which I believe has a noble goal in mind and exciting things waiting on the horizon to be achieved. I am a frequent contributor to Movie Discussion boards and am the organizer of a new Tolkien fan group called, after Tolkien's own wishes, "The Shire Society". At present, our online presence has not been established...we have only a few pages dedicated to "movie mathoms" as we call them. As that is my area of expertise (that is, the scholarly study of the finer points of Peter Jackson's film trilogy), that is where I will concentrate my efforts here. My articles may tend to have a slight bias in favor of the films, if a doubt should arise, but I will be sure to note the views of the opposition, if necessary. I look forward to seeing exciting things happen here in the coming months.

Work List:

  • Battle of the Chamber of Mazarbul
  • Book of Mazarbul (add more images)
  • Balin's Tomb
  • Twenty-first Hall
  • Second Hall
  • Dwarrowdelf
  • Stairs of Khazad-dum
  • Bridge of Khazad-dum
  • Khazad-dum, Moria, etc.
  • Cemetery of Khazad-dum
  • Moria Guardroom
  • Moria Crossroads
  • West-gate
  • East-gate
  • Films (add extended/deleted scenes info)
  • Analyses for every scene in the films
  • Add images and map/navigation system to every Middle-earth location.