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Pinkkeith/Pinkfae is a concept which has only appeared in an adaptation of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Pinkfae Neilikka
Basic information
Other NamesPink
Hair colorblonde
Eye colorblue
Date and Place of BirthOctober 11, Third Age 981
ParentageCelondren and Varifae
SiblingsBluefae and Rosefae

Pinkfae Neilikka is a player created character for The Lord of the Rings Online.


[edit] The House of Carnim

[edit] Timeline

[edit] Year of the Trees

Dates given in Valian Years (9.582 Sun Years)
Valian Year Event
1186 Carnim is born, the great-great-great grandfather of Pinkfae.
1227 Ninglor is born, the great-great-great grandmother of Pinkfae.
1372 Melogail is born, the great-great aunt of Pinkfae.
1402 Istolaith is born, the great-great grandfather of Pinkfae.
1495 A band of Orcs and Spiders attack Carnim's village. Ninglor is slain.
1496 The House of Carnim is established. Carnim begins construction of the Lavalliere of Carnim.
1500 The Lavalliere of Carnim is given to Melogail. Carnim makes the journey to Aman.

[edit] The First Age

First Age
Year Event
344 Cugruin is born, the great aunt of Pinkfae
452 Aegebed is born, the great grandfather of Pinkfae
570 Anorur is born, the great uncle of Pinkfae
588 Melogail gives the Lavalliere of Carnim to Cugruin and makes the journey to Aman.
589 Istolaith makes the journey to Aman.

[edit] Pinkfae Neilikka

[edit] History

[edit] Genealogy

Carnim (m)
(YT 1186 - YT 1500)
Ninglor (f)
(YT 1227 - YT 1495)
Balemel (m)
(YT 1192 - FA 587)
Melogail (f)
(YT 1372 - FA 588)
Istolaith (m)
(YT 1402 - FA 589)
Moerost (f)
(YT 1489 - SA 13)
Cugruin (f)
(FA 344 - SA 2357)
Thoronhend (m)
(FA 405 - SA 2467)
Aegebed (m)
(FA 452 - SA 3434)
Gweniolv (f)
(SA 6 - TA 42)
Anorur (m)
(FA 570 - TA 161)
Ithildina (f)
(SA 25 - TA 161)
Three children
two sons and a daughter
Hymyillä (f)
(SA 452 - TA 42)
Kultainen (m)
(SA 325 - TA 27)
Two children
a son and a daughter
Hithui (f)
(SA 1325 - TA 1982)
Thoroelu (m)
(SA 1298 - TA 1982)
Celondren (m)
(SA 1862 - TA 3018)
Varifae (f)
(SA 2124 - TA 3018)
Lumme (f)
(SA 2024 - TA 3018)
Tarhaaja (m)
(SA 1931 - TA 3018)
Three children
all sons
(TA 981)
Bluefae (m)
(TA 1025)
Rosefae (f)
(TA 1217)
Two children
a son and a daughter