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War of the Elves and Sauron

"...It is a long tale..." — Aragorn
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War of the Elves and Sauron
Beginning: 1693 SAEnd: 1701 SA
Place: Eriador
Outcome: Eregion destroyed, Sauron defeated and driven from Eriador
Major battles: Sack of Eregion, First Siege of Imladris, and The Battle of the Gwathló
Noldor and Sindarin Elves, Numenóreans, and Dwarves of Durin's folkOrcs, Evil Men, and other creatures of Sauron
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The War of the Elves and Sauron was a great war fought in the Second Age.

The War Begins

For many years the Númenóreans brought their ships into Lindon, and they were welcomed. But when Gil-galad began to fear that Sauron would bring open war into Eriador, he sent messages to Númenor; and on the shores of Lindon the Númenóreans began to build up a force and supplies for war. When Sauron invaded Eriador in 1695, Gil-galad called Númenor for aid. Then King Tar-Minastir sent out a great navy; but it was delayed, and did not reach the coasts until the year 1700.

Angus McBride - Celebrimbor

By that time all of Eriador fell under Sauron's control, save only besieged Imladris, and he reached the line of the river Lhûn. Celebrimbor was captured when Ost-in-Edhil fell, and was then later executed by Sauron. He had sent for more forces, which were coming from the south-east, and were in Enedwaith at the crossing of Tharbad, which was only lightly held. Sauron's hosts also devastated Eriador, and the Dwarf allies of the Elves were driven deep into Moria. Gil-galad and the Númenóreans were holding the Lhûn in a desperate attempt to defend the Grey Havens, when finally the great army of Tar-Minastir arrived; and Sauron's host was heavily driven back. The fleets' admiral Ciryatur sent part of his ships to make a landing farther south.

Sauron was driven away south-east after a great slaughter at Sarn Ford; and though strengthened by his force at Tharbad he suddenly found a host of Númenóreans to his rear, for Ciryatur's detachment of ships landed at the mouth of the Gwathló, where there was the small harbor of Vinyalondë.

The Battle of the Gwathló

In this battle Sauron was utterly routed and narrowly escaped. The remnants of his army were assailed in eastern Calenardhon, and with only a bodyguard he fled to what was later called Dagorlad, where broken and humiliated he returned to Mordor, and vowed vengeance against Númenór. The host that was besieging Imladris was caught between Elrond and Gil-galad, and totally destroyed. Eriador was cleansed of enemies but lay largely in ruins.