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White Horse

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Rohan flag as designed for the The Lord of the Rings film series

The White Horse, on a field of green, was the emblem of the land of Rohan and its Kings. It was emblazoned on many of the arms of the Rohirrim, as shown, for example, by the shield given to Merry Brandybuck by Éowyn, which bore the mark of the horse. As the royal banner of Rohan, it was borne to many battles. Théoden rode under it to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields, and it was flown by Éomer before the Gate of Mordor itself. It was carried into battle by Éomer in the southern lands long after the War of the Ring ended.

[edit] Inspiration

According to Tom Shippey's The Road to Middle-earth, the emblem may have been inspired from the Uffington White Horse.[source?]

The White Horse is a recurring motif in mythology and prehistoric English culture. See leucippotomy.