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-ssë is a Quenya suffix that has two meanings.

-ssë1[edit | edit source]

Meaning (singular) in or on and can also be written as -essë

Plural: -ssen or -issen for consonant endings.
Partitive Plural: -lissen or -ilissen for consonant endings.
Dual: -tsë

-ssë2[edit | edit source]

To denote abstract or locality

Examples[edit | edit source]

  • Vala = "angelic power, god" (valassë = "divinity"|BAL)
  • laiqua = "green" (laiquassë = "greenness")
  • hande = "intelligent" (handessë = "intelligence"|KHAN)
  • hópa = "harbour" (hopassë = "harbourage"|KHOP)
  • findë = "hair" (findessë = "head of hair")