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...Where the Shadows Lie

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Cover of ...Where the Shadows lie
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Sword's Song

...Where the Shadows Lie is the first full-length album by the epic metal band Battlelore. It was released in August 13, 2002. Its cover features the painting Morgoth and High King of Noldor, by Ted Nasmith, used with permission. It had good reviews and fan support. No singles were released from the album however a video was filmed for the song "Journey To Undying Lands" and this was used to promote the band throughout Europe.

Track listing

  1. "Swordmaster" - 5:36
  2. "The Grey Wizard" - 4:17
  3. "Raging Goblin" - 4:35
  4. "Journey to Undying Lands" - 5:50
  5. "Shadowgate" - 4:04
  6. "Fangorn" - 5:05
  7. "The Green Maid" - 3:44
  8. "Khazad-Dûm Pt.1 (Ages of Mithril)" - 5:20
  9. "Ride with the Dragons" - 4:17
  10. "Feast for the Wanderer" - 4:05 (*)

(*) Hidden track. Not mentioned on back cover track listing.