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A Hobbit's Travels

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A Hobbit's Travels
Publication Information
AuthorMichael Green
PublisherRunning Press Book Publishers
ReleasedJanuary 1978

A Hobbit's Travels is a book with blank pages decorated by illustrations depicting various scenes (of mostly landscapes) from The Lord of the Rings, intended to be used as a note-book. It also contains a one-page introductory text by "Sam Gamgee".

From the Publisher

Printed on deluxe recycled parchment paper, this journal celebrating J. R. R. Tolkien's classic tales makes a lovely gift, and is just as nice to keep! With magical two-color illustrations throughout (drawings made by Frodo Baggins's devoted companion, Samwise Gamgee, on their travels throughout Middle-earth), it provides ample space for recording personal thoughts, reflections on Tolkien's masterpiece, or fantasies of your own creation.

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