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Amon Hen 125

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Amon Hen 125
Publication Information
EditorAmanda Fingleson
Cover artistSusanne Stopfel
PublisherThe Tolkien Society
PrinterCenturion Press, London
ReleasedJanuary 1994
FormatA5 stapled paperback
Preceded byAmon Hen 124
Followed byAmon Hen 126

Amon Hen 125 is the one-hundred-and-twenty-fifth issue of the The Tolkien Society's bimonthly journal Amon Hen, published in January 1994.


  • Cover: Untitled
    • By: Susanne Stopfel
  • Contents
  • Editorial
  • Wanted! One Bookings Officer
  • Artwork: "It fell off the back of a Nazgul, guv, honest it did!"
  • The Numenorean and Gondorian Colonies
    • By: Jason Finch
  • Annie's Allsorts
    • By: Annie Haward
  • Silver Jubilee Design Competition
  • AGM Arrangements
  • Artwork: Legolas
    • By: Andrew Fiddy
  • Poem: Legolas
    • By: Donella Peters
  • Fantasy Convention News
  • The Rules of 'Golf'
    • By: Ian Collier
  • Cryptic Quiz Answers
    • By: Paul Cockburn
  • Artwork: Eowyn and the Lord of the Nazgul
    • By: Andrew Fiddy
  • Poem: Cirdan's Words
    • By: Andrew Wells
  • Crossword
    • By: Dave Loboda
  • Letters to the Shire
  • Small Press
    • By: Jenny Coombs
  • Behind Glass Doors
    • By: Annie Haward
  • Artwork: Balrog
    • By: Andrew Fiddy
  • Poem: Farmer Giles of Ham (competition winner)
    • By: F.E. Mackie
  • Additional Artwork
    • By: Ian Collier, "PW" (?), Steve Lines and Howard J. Bates

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