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General Information
Other namesLangstrand, Andafalasse
DescriptionWestern Gondor between Lefnui and Morthond

Anfalas, or Langstrand, was a coastal region of Gondor between the rivers Lefnui and Morthond, south of Pinnath Gelin.


In the Third Age the Gondorians had traditions that it was once inhabited by Elves, like Edhellond.[1]

After the Great Plague Gondor was so weakened that during the reign of King Telumehtar the Corsairs of Umbar raided its coasts as far as the Anfalas.[2]

During the War of the Ring, the people of the Anfalas were harassed at the coasts by the Corsairs of Umbar. Lord Golasgil led a long line men of many sorts, hunters, herdsmen and men from little villages, which were scantily equipped, except the men of his household, to the Battle of the Pelennor Fields.[3]


Anfalas means "Long Shore/Beach" in Sindarin (and + falas). It is also translated as Andafalasse in Quenya and Langstrand in Westron.[4][5] Tolkien noted that the shortening of long to lang is very frequent in English place-names.[6]