At Dawn in Rivendell

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At Dawn in Rivendell is the third studio album by Tolkien Ensemble, released in March 11, 2003.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

  1. "Verse of the Rings"
  2. "Song of Gondor"
  3. "A Walking Song
  4. "Warning of Winter"
  5. "Malbet the Seer's Words"
  6. "A Drinking Song"
  7. "The Long List of the Ents, No. 1"
  8. "Éomer's Song" (Caspar Reiff)
  9. "Boromirs Riddle" (Caspar Reiff)
  10. "The Bath Song" (Peter Hall, Caspar Reiff)
  11. "Song of Lebenin"
  12. "Gandalf's Riddle to the Ents"
  13. "Ho! Tom Bombadil" (Peter Hall)
  14. "The Riddle of Strider (I)"
  15. "Song of Nimrodel"
  16. "Treebeard's Song"
  17. "Farewell Song of Merry and Pippin"
  18. "Athelas"
  19. "A Walking Song (II)"
  20. "An Elven Hymn to Elbereth Gilthoniel (III)"

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