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"Angular", depicting the discovery of Baldor, by Lída Holubová
Biographical Information
Other names"the Hapless"
LanguageRohanese and Westron
BirthBefore T.A. 2544
DeathT.A. 2570 (aged 26+)
Paths of the Dead
HouseHouse of Eorl
SiblingsAldor and Eofor
Physical Description
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Baldor the Hapless was the prideful son of Brego and grandson of Eorl the Young.


With his father, Baldor explored Rohan, and came to Harrowdale. They found the Paths of the Dead. Surprised by a riddle from an old man that forbade them passage, he became curious. At the inauguration of Meduseld in T.A. 2569, he vowed to pass the Dark Door. He did so a year later, and was never seen again alive.[1]

Early March T.A. 3019, Aragorn and the Grey Company found the golden-clad knight. His sword was broken and notched, and his legs ruptured.[2]


2485 - 2545
2512 - 2570
d. 2570
2544 - 2645
three daughters
2570 - 2659
2594 - 2680
d. 3002

Other versions of the legendarium

Although in the final version there is no confirmation, all the early manuscripts state that the skeleton found in the Paths was Baldor's. In the original drafts, Aragorn recognises Baldor[3][4] and says: "Here lies Baldor, son of Brego".[5]

Then Tolkien himself explains in a note:

The Men of Darkness built temples, some of great size, usually surrounded by dark trees, often in caverns (natural or delved) in secret valleys of mountain-regions; such as the dreadful halls and passages under the Haunted Mountain beyond the Dark Door (Gate of the Dead) in Dunharrow. The special horror of the closed door before which the skeleton of Baldor was found was probably due to the fact that the door was the entrance to an evil temple hall to which Baldor had come, probably without opposition up to that point. But the door was shut in his face, and enemies that had followed him silently came up and broke his legs and left him to die in the darkness, unable to find any way out.

Portrayal in adaptations

1979: The Lord of the Rings (1979 radio series):

The Grey Company encounters Baldor's corpse in the Paths of the Dead.

2014: The Lord of the Rings Online:

The remains of Baldor, clad in his golden armour, can be found in the Paths of the Dead, though is slightly off the path as compared to the books.