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Battle of the Gelion-Ascar stockade

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Battle of the Gelion-Ascar stockade
Conflict: Wars of Beleriand
Date: F.A. 375
Place: Gelion-Ascar Stockade, Dor Caranthir (Thargelion), Ossiriand
Outcome: Victory for the Haladin and Noldor


Forces of Morgoth








Unknown but includes Haldar, son of Haldad

Complete annihilation of the Orc-raid

The battle of the Gelion-Ascar stockade was a battle fought about F.A. 375 between the forces of Morgoth and the Haladin and later the Noldor under Caranthir.[1]


When Men first awoke in Hildórien Morgoth was made aware of their presence and he secretly departed Angband hoping to turn Men against the Eldar.[1] However his plan was not wholly achieved.

During the Long Peace the Secondborn began crossing over Ered Lindon and into Beleriand, where they had been making contact with the Eldar living there. One group of these Men were the Haladin that dwelt in Thargelion after unfriendly meetings with the Green-elves.[1]



Morgoth, seeing as he failed to entirely estrange Elves and Men from each other, was filled with wrath and endeavoured to do as much harm to Men as possible. He sent an Orc-raid passing East to escape the leaguer, crossing Ered Lindon and back through the Dwarf-road in stealth. They entered into the southern woods of Caranthir’s land and fell upon the Haladin.


The Haladin at the time dwelt in homesteads far apart each other and were slow to unite to defend themselves. Among the men there was one named Haldad, 'who was masterful and fearless' He gathered all the strong men, and they retreated between the Ascar and Gelion and built a stockade across them. Haldad led all his people that he could gather behind the stockade. The Orcs continued to attack the Haladin and besieged the stockade.

Haldad led a sortie against the Orcs, and here he was slain along with his son Haldar, who rushed out to save his father’s body from the Orcs. Haldad had a daughter named Haleth, and like her father and her twin brother she was valiant and brave, and she now led the defence of the stockade.

The Haladin were without hope, and some in desperation cast themselves in the rivers and were drowned. After seven days the Orcs prepared for their final assault on the stockade, until the music of trumpets were heard. Caranthir arrived with a Noldorin host from the North and attacked the Orcs, driving them into the rivers.


The Orc-raid was routed and Caranthir, seeing the valour of the Men and the potential as allies, offered Haleth and the Haladin land and protection further in the north. However, Haleth refused, as she was proud and unwilling to be guided or ruled. The Haladin were like-minded, and Haleth thanked Caranthir but declined. They gathered all that remained of their goods and people and left the shadow of the mountains, going west. Haleth was chosen as their chief and their people became known as the House of Haleth.