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Bay of Eldamar

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[[File:|320x480px|thumb|center|Elwing at the shores of Aman by Anke Eißmann]]
Bay of Eldamar
General Information
LocationEastern coast of Aman, western coast of the Great Sea
DescriptionA coastal bay containing Tol Eressëa
Major SettlementsAlqualondë
People and History
EventsKinslaying at Alqualondë, Voyage of Eärendil

The Bay of Eldamar was a wide bay in the coasts of Aman, on the western shores of the Great Sea. It was here that the island of Tol Eressëa finally came to be anchored, and for many years the Teleri dwelt on that island. Eventually, Ossë guided them across the windless surface of the Bay to its shore, where they dwelt in the haven of Alqualondë.[1]

The Bay of Eldamar was visited long afterwards by one possessing (some) mortal blood, none other than Eärendil the Mariner. He anchored Vingilot his ship in the Bay while he entered the Blessed Realm on his embassy to the Powers who dwelt there.[2]

Other versions of the legendarium

The Bay of Eldamar is referenced in Tolkien's Roverandom. In the story, written down in 1927, the great whale Uin takes the enchanted dog Roverandom (formerly known as Rover) on adventures through the seas: Uin takes Roverandom through the Shadowy Seas to the "Bay of Fairyland" beyond the Magic Isles where Rover saw the Mountains of Elvenhome and the light of Faery. Roverandom thought he could see the white glint of a city of Elves on a green hill far away in the distance.[3]