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Bored of the Rings (book)

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Bored of the Rings
Publication Information
AuthorHenry N. Beard and Douglas C. Kenney

Bored of the Rings is a short novel by Henry N. Beard and Douglas C. Kenney that parodies The Lord of the Rings.


Bored of the Rings was first published in 1969 by Signet for the Harvard Lampoon.


The Signet first edition cover parodies the The Lord of the Rings paperback cover by artist Barbara Remington [1]. It was drawn by Michael K. Frith.

Characters, races, and places

The novel's characters, races, and places are parodies of the same from Lower Middle Earth (Middle-earth). A parody map of Lower Middle Earth, created William S. Donnell, reflects these parodies. Notable examples of these parodies include:

Parody Derivation Original
Goodgulf Greyteeth, the good wizard "a discredited Rosicrucian" and "a 32nd Degree Mason and Honorary Shriner" (Gulf Oil slogan) Gandalf Greyhame
Boggies (not for the faint of heart) Hobbits
Dildo Bugger Dildo; bugger Bilbo Baggins
Bag Eye Bag End
Frito Bugger Fritos, a corn chips brand Frodo Baggins
Spam Gangree SPAM, a food brand; gangrene Samwise Gamgee
Moxie Dingleberry Moxie, a soft drink brand Meriadoc Brandybuck
Pepsi Dingleberry Pepsi, a soft drink brand Peregrin Took
Stomper, or Arrowroot Arrowroot, a brand of bland biscuits for babies and the elderly. Strider or Aragorn
Arrowshirt Arrow shirt, a brand of men's dress shirt. Arathorn II
Gimlet Gimlet cocktail. Gimli
Groin Groin Glóin
Legolam "leg of lamb" Legolas
Bromosel Used to be an indigestion relief product Boromir
Eorache "ear ache" Éowyn
Tim Benzedrine Benzedrine—a stimulant drug popular during the 1960s—and former Harvard professor Timothy Leary Tom Bombadil
Goddam "God damn" Gollum
Two-dor "Two-dor" (Tudor) Gondor
Fordor "four door," evil kingdom opposed to "Two-dor" (Tudor) Mordor
Sorhed, the evil wizard "Sore head" Sauron
Serutan Serutan was the name of a laxative product: the product name is simply "Natures" spelled backwards. Saruman
Isinglass Isinglass, a substance used in clarifying wine. Isengard

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