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The word branda in Telerin is an adjective meaning "lofty, noble, or fine".


The form in Primitive Elvish (or perhaps Common Telerin) was b'randâ[1]. This was apparently representing an even more primitive adjective *barándâ (stem BARÁD).


In Westron, branda means "border, march"[2].


It may possibly originate from the Adûnaic *barrad, which has the root BAR, though it is unlikely.

See also

  • Branda-nîn
  • Brandagamba (translated as Brandybuck) is derived from this word and the ending -gamba. While a more literal translation of the name would be "Marchbuck," Tolkien instead translated it as "Brandybuck" in order to retain the visible connection with the Brandywine River.[3]