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Chaining of Melkor

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The Captivity of Morgoth by Jacek Kopalski

The Chaining of Melkor refers to his imprisonment for "three ages" after the Battle of the Powers. After their final victory, Tulkas captured Melkor and bound him with the great chain Angainor. He was carried by to Valinor and sentenced to his long term of incarceration in the Halls of Mandos by Manwë, his brother and the chief of the Valar.[1]

During this period between Y.T. 1100 and 1400,[2][3] which is divided in three ages of 100 Valian Years each, the Days of Bliss occurred:

At the end of the third age of his captivity, Manwë pardoned Melkor and released him from his bondage,[6] but he turned back to darkness, destroying the Two Trees and fleeing back to his strongholds in the north of Middle-earth with the stolen Silmarils.[7]