Charles Noad

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Charles E. Noad
Biographical Information
Born1 September 1947
Died13 July 2023
OccupationProgrammer, proofreader, writer

Charles E. Noad (1 September 1947-13 July 2023)[1] was a computer programmer, a proofreader and writer. He proofread The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, The History of Middle-earth series, and John D. Rateliff's The History of The Hobbit.[2]


"Charles Noad is a retired computer programmer and sometime proofreader. He read The Lord of the Rings in 1961 and has more or less stuck with it since.

There isn't really terribly much beyond that to say, really, and I doubt if the Plaza's good readers would want a detailed life of Noad in any case."[2]

Charles Noad in 2009, when asked to give biographical information on

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