D.N. Borrow

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D.N. Borrow
Biographical Information
LocationGreat Britain
AffiliationInstitute of Occidental Languages
Physical Description

D.N. Borrow was a Man living in the 21st century Britain.


In 2012, Borrow, along with W.W. Wormald, of the School of Bibliopoly, took interest in the then newly found Notion Club Papers, a compilation of writings recording approximately one hundred meetings of the eponymous discussion group.[1]

They asked the permission of Mr. Howard Green, the school clerk of the Examination Schools at Oxford, who found the papers, to examine them more closely. After further investigation they found that the sheets on which the reports of the meetings were written, were about 40 or 50 years older than the dates that were signed on the papers themselves. This fact led them to the conclusion that the papers were written by a single man sometime around the World War II and that the figures that appear in the texts are actually invented.[1]

But Mr. Green, however, argued that the mention of the Great Explosion of 1975 and of the Great Storm of 1987 implied a sort of precognition on the part of the author(s).[1]