Daisy Gamgee

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Daisy Gamgee
Biographical Information
BirthT.A. 2972
ParentageGaffer Gamgee and Bell Goodchild
SiblingsHamson, Halfred, May, Marigold and Samwise
Physical Description

Daisy Gamgee (T.A. 2972 - ?) was the oldest daughter of Hamfast Gamgee and Bell Goodchild. She had two older brothers, Hamson Gamgee, and Halfred Gamgee as well as three younger siblings: May Gamgee, Marigold Gamgee, and Samwise Gamgee, the companion of Frodo Baggins.[1]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Daisy, a flower name, derives from Old English dæges eage "day's eye".[2]

The Sindarin version of the name was Eirien.[3]


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