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[[File:|320x480px|thumb|center|Traces of the Noldor by Peter Xavier Price]]
Firth of Drengist
General Information
Other namesDrengist
LocationNorthwestern Beleriand, North of Nevrast, Ered Lómin, Cirith Ninniach
DescriptionNarrow inlet from Belegaer into Beleriand
People and History
EventsY.T. 1497: Arrival of the host of Fëanor in Middle-earth
F.A. 155: Morgoth's Assaults on Hithlum
GalleryImages of Firth of Drengist

The Firth of Drengist, or just Drengist, was a firth in Beleriand. The Belegaer broke through the Ered Lómin and ended in the Cirith Ninniach. The lands it separated were Lammoth to the north, and Nevrast to the south.[1] Outside the firth was the little-known island of Ened.


Fëanor and the Noldor landed at the Firth of Drengist, and their ships were burned at Losgar, which was located at the outlet of the bay.[2] From there, Fëanor and his host pierced into Hithlum.[3] Years later, the first of Morgoth's Assaults on Hithlum was countered here by Fingolfin, driving the Orcs into the sea.[4][5]


In an early manuscript by Tolkien, Drengist is glossed as the Elvish equivalent of Old English Nearufléot. The latter name is said by Christopher Tolkien to consist of nearu ("narrow") + fléot ("arm of the sea, estuary, firth").[6] The Elvish etymology of the name Drengist itself, however, appears to have been nowhere explained by Tolkien.