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Biographical Information
Other namesEdith (E)
LocationTol Eressëa
ParentageLindo & possibly Vairë[note 1]
ChildrenHeorrenda & Hlúdwine
Physical Description

Earissë was the daughter of Lindo and the wife of Ælfwine, according to the early version of the legendarium associated with The Book of Lost Tales. She was the mother of Heorrenda and Hlúdwine.[1]

Earissë only appears in two of the notes in the Notebook C,[1] a small pocket-book which Tolkien used for notes and suggestions while writing The Book of Lost Tales.[2]

Nothing else is known about her.


The name Earissë is in Qenya, probably being a phonological imitation of the English name Edith and its Old English form Eadgyth. Eadgyth consists of the elements éad ("riches, prosperity, good fortune, happiness") + gyth, a form of gúð ("combat, battle, war").[1]

The first element of the name Earissë might be ea(r)/earen(-d) ("eagle"), the second being -ssë, a feminine name ending occurring in several other names in the early legendarium.[1]

An earlier form of the name was Eadissë.[1]



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  1. Earissë is only mentioned as the daughter of Lindo, without any explicit mention of his wife - but we know from the earlier associated texts in The Book of Lost Tales that his wife was named Vairë.


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