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General Information
LocationEastern Rohan, between the Folde and the Fenmarch
People and History

The Eastfold was a region in the east of the realm of Rohan, between the Folde in the west and the Fenmarch in the east, the river Entwash in the north and the White Mountains in the south.[1][2]

The Eastfold was traversed by the Great West Road parallel to the White Mountains.[2] Edoras, which was located in the Folde was also the defensive centre of the Eastfold.[1]

A similar name, the East Dales, are mentioned when it is told how the Rohirrim who had fallen in the Battle of the Hornburg were buried in two mounds; "those of the Westfold in one and those from the East Dales in another."[3] It has been suggested that the name is a synonym for Eastfold.[4]


The Westfold was originally part of the realm of Gondor until in T.A. 2510 the fief of Calenardhon was granted to Eorl the Young by the Ruling Steward Cirion. Thereafter the Eastfold was part of Rohan. Initially the guarding and maintenance of the hill Halifirien, which lay east of the Mering Stream in Gondor, was shared by men from Gondor and men from Rohan.[5]

When the realm of Gondor declined and was under threat by the sea and from the East and the people of Rohan increased, the wardens of the hill Halifirien were exclusively provided by the people of the Eastfold.[5]

On March 6 and 7[6] Gandalf rode with Peregrin Took through the Eastfold on the road to Minas Tirith.[7]

On March 11 T.A. 3019[8] the riders of Rohan led by their King Théoden travelled with Meriadoc Brandybuck through the Eastfold on their way to Minas Tirith.[9]

In early August T.A. 3019[10] the funeral escort of King Théoden passed through the Eastfold on its way to Edoras.[11]


Eastfold is a name in the language of Rohan. It is a combination of "East" and fold from Old English folde ("earth", "land", "country").[1]