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General Information
LocationFalas, at the mouth of the Nenning
People and History
CreatedY.T. 1149[1]
DestroyedF.A. 473
EventsFall of the Falas

Eglarest was the southern of the two Havens of the Falas that lay at the mouth of the River Nenning on the western coasts of Beleriand. The northern haven was called Brithombar.[2] They were founded during the Years of the Trees of the First Age by Círdan. Upon the cape west of Eglarest Finrod had built Barad Nimras.[3] The Havens lasted until they were taken by Morgoth in F.A. 473.[4]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

It has been suggested that the name means "Ravine of the Eglain".[5] Cf. the Noldorin word rhest[6] and Imladris.