Eorclanstanas: or The Hobbitiana

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Eorclanstanas: or The Hobbitiana
AuthorBiblioctupus (pseudonym; Mark Hime?)[1]
PublisherIdyllwild, CA, USA: (self-published?)

Eorclanstanas: or The Hobbitiana is an auction catalogue of literature from the library of "A. Himes".[note 1][2] Included is an incomplete version of Galadriel's lament (identified as DTS 55 - "Galadriel's Lament" Fragment by the Mellonath Daeron). The version go "as far as to airetári-lírinen" and "is accompanied by a transcription into Roman characters, and an English translation".[3] Måns Björkman has provided the following description of this version:

Here a variant occurs in which the diacritic is made up of three dots [...] The variant is used to indicate palatals in two instances out of five, while the remaining have the regular two dots.


  1. Items listed include first editions of The Tolkien Reader, The Road Goes Ever On, and Smith of Wootton Major, and four issues of TLS from 1974 (of which one contains an announcement that Christopher Tolkien will be editing posthumous material for publication).


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