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either Man or Elf
Biographical Information
Notable foraccompanying Eärendil on his voyage to Aman
Physical Description
Raceeither Man or Elf

Erellont was one of the three mariners who accompanied Eärendil and Elwing to Aman, the other two being Aerandir and Falathar.[1]

Tolkien never specified the race of the three mariners: while it has been suggested that they were Men,[2] others argue that they were Elves.[3]

[edit] Etymology

The meaning of Erellont is unknown. It has been speculated that the name means "lonely (star) ship" in Sindarin,[note 1] or that the name is "possibly a dialectal Sindarin of the Falas" or even a "combination of M[annish] and Elvish".[4]


  1. In that case derived from ereb (+ el) + a possible derivative of LUT-.


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