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Other namesPrayer to Eru
Part ofThe Three Prayers
ParticipantsRuler of Númenor and his/her people
DescriptionCeremony in which the Númenóreans ascended the Meneltarma and made an offering on its summit

The Erukyermë was one of the Three Prayers held on the summit of the Meneltarma in Númenor (the others being the Erulaitalë and the Eruhantalë). The Erukyermë was held at the beginning of each spring. The ruling King or Queen, followed by a silent crowd, would climb the mountain on foot, and at its peak utter a prayer for the approaching year. Traditionally, three Eagles, known by the Númenóreans as the Witnesses of Manwë, would hover over the King and his people at this time.

It was just after the Erukyermë of 883 that Tar-Meneldur, the sixth King of Númenor, surrendered the Sceptre to his son Aldarion.


Erukyermë means 'Prayer to Eru' in Quenya (possibly kyermë, means 'prayer'). The word is the only Quenya word that displays the exceptional sound ky and it has been suggested that it is a Númenorean dialect of Quenya.

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