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* [[Beleriand]] is destroyed during the [[War of Wrath]] and the [[Battles of Beleriand]] come to a close.
{{ardayearheader|540|542|545|587|590|Second Age 1|Second Age 32}}
* [[Ancalagon|Ancalagon the Black]] is defeated by [[Eärendil]].
* [[Beleriand]] is destroyed during the [[War of Wrath]] and [[Morgoth]] is defeated and nearly all the [[dragons]] and [[balrogs]] are killed.<ref>{{WJ|Years}}, p. 346</ref><ref name="Earendil">{{S|Earendil}}</ref>
* [[Maedhros]] casts himself into a fiery chasm.
* [[Ancalagon|Ancalagon the Black]] is destroyed by [[Eärendil]]. Ancalagon's body falls from the sky and destroys [[Thangorodrim]].
* The dwarven city [[Belegost]] begins to dissolve.  
* Much of [[Beleriand]] sinks beneath [[Belegaer|the sea]].<ref name="Earendil"/>
* [[Amdír]] is named [[King of Lórien]] (approximate date).
* [[Eönwë]] takes the [[Silmarils]] from [[Morgoth]]. Morgoth's [[Iron Crown]] is beat into a collar around his neck and attached to [[Angainor]].<ref name="Earendil"/>
* [[Maedhros]] and [[Maglor]] steal the Silmarils. The Silmarils burn their hands and Maedhros jumps into a fiery chasm with his Silmaril whilst Maglor casts his Silmaril into the sea. The fate of Maglor is unknown.<ref name="Earendil"/>
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Timeline of Arda
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Year of
the Sun:

First Age 587 (abbreviated to F.A. 587) is the 587th year of the Sun of the First Age of Middle-earth.

Notable events in this year include:


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