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Flies are tiresome flying insects. When Frodo and Sam struggled northward through the glens of the Morgai in Mordor they encountered flies, dun or grey or black, which were marked like Orcs with a red eye-shaped blotch.[1]

Other names

The Quenya name for "small insect, fly" is .[2]

In Gnomish, one of Tolkien's early conceptions of an Elven language, the word for "fly" is sitha.[note 1][3] A Qenya name for a "small fly" is .[4] The Common Eldarin word for "large fly" was buzbō, with derivatives being Telerin buspo, Quenya puspo, pupso, and Sindarin buðu.[5]

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  1. While the English word fly also is a verb, the word sitha likely refers to the insect, as it also appears in sithagong, "dragonfly".


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