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Folkmoot for Judgement

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The Folkmoot for Judgment, also known as the Moot of Brethil, was a custom among the Haladin where matters of high importance would be judged at the Moot-ring in a meeting attended by at least five hundred headmen.[1]



It was during the three hundred and first Moot of Brethil that Húrin was judged by a gathering of nearly a thousand Haladin under the charge of wounding Hardang and the false charge of being sent by Angband to do harm to the Men of Forest of Brethil. Manthor, acted as Húrin's "friend" during the moot.[1]

Near the end, Húrin accused the Haladin of mistreating Túrin and Niënor; while accusing Hardang of causing Morwen's death. Before Hardang was able to present his side of the matter, a revolt broke out in the Moot-ring, before moving to the wider town. In the ensuing battle, the Hall of the Chieftains was burned down, Hardang was killed, Manthor was shot, and Avranc gained power over the remnant of the Haladin.[1]


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