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As a longstanding contributor to many articles on this page, I would like to bring up a particularly concerning issue on my end that has hampered my editing process in this wiki. I have always been a user of Microsoft Edge and it troubles me that as of recently (or maybe a year), I have had trouble previewing and even publishing edits on my edge browser (chromium) due to an infinite Cloudflare loop. Whenever I try to save my work as a preview or publish edits, I am put into a Cloudflare loop that persists and reverts any edits I have back to the original state before I edit. This does not persist in Google Chrome and other chromium browsers like Brave. I am not a high-tech person so any advice would help aside from switching browsers! Please advise and I greatly appreciate your help! Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from the Tollkiengateway community! --- Tolkienator