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What do you guys think about adding some main navigational links to the left side? We have the A-Z links at the top but for some reasson I think some people still require more solid content pages to be directed to. If we did this would the left side contain too many links? What links would you guys like to see there if any? I've been debating removing the Community Portal as it doesn't really serve much purpose now with the Forums. My suggestions:

  • Characters - A main starting block for all of the characters of Middle-earth
  • Gallery - A sort of portal for all of the Art related content and images.
  • Collectibles - Collectibles are a large part of Tolkien fandom and should probably represented
  • Films - Another main aspect thanks to Peter Jackson
  • Games - There's hundreds of games and we haven't even skimmed the surface of databasing them yet
  • Languages - A large part of the wiki and something which a lot of people research

Now that I think about it, maybe we should make like Wikipedia and develop "Portals", instead of linking to a basic Languages article, we could link to a portal for the Languages. For instance the Games article would simply list how Tolkien impacted games and some of the major ones out there, while a Portal would be kind of a home page for all of the editors who wish to focus on that topic. We might be getting ahead of ourselves but there is no harm in that :) Okay I'm done blabbering. --Hyarion 00:02, 27 June 2006 (EDT)

I absolutely agree. I had been thinking about languages a while back. How are people going to think about typing in Sindarin words or finding Sindarin words? They may find an article with an etymology linking to Sindarin words, but still it would be nice for linguists to have their own portal. Art is also a good idea. Collectibles and games might be grouped, but the films should stay seperate. The problem is we don't exactly have a lot of "film" articles.
For so many portals you may probably need more administrators (hint :)). By the way, when are you going to start "hiring" administrators? --Narfil Palùrfalas 08:59, 27 June 2006 (EDT)
Re: film articles, I think if we include all the articles on actors/actresses/screenplays/and essentially anything related to Peter Jackson, we should be able to manage.
Re: admins, eventually we will need to "hire" admins and I'm always noticing those who spend so much of their time contributing as there is no way I could have gotten this far by myself. With the wiki the admin has very limited power compared to other websites which allows for less confrontations regarding power. The admin can really only block spammers and click a link to rollback edits, that being said the admin is simply more of a janitor. When we promote people to adminship I want to make sure we do it as a community and not simply me picking and choosing so I need to setup a process for voting and what percentage is required, etc. I'd like it to be fairly strict as I never want to have to demote someone. The goal is for admins to fit into the crowd and not be treated as superiors or anything, this way we all stay on the same level. --Hyarion 13:41, 27 June 2006 (EDT)