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Biographical Information
DeathF.A. 485
Woods of Brethil
Physical Description
Hair colorFair
Eye colorUnsteady and glittering
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Forweg was a Man of the People of Hador.

History[edit | edit source]

He deserted the field of the Nirnaeth Arnoediad ("Battle of Unnumbered Tears") and fled into the south to live as an outlaw. He became the leader of the Gaurwaith, an outlaw band, and allowed Túrin Turambar to join them after Túrin had left Doriath.

One day in the spring of the year after Túrin had become a member of the Gaurwaith, Forweg and Andróg disappeared from their camp. Irritated by the outlaw's squalid camp Túrin wandered into the woods. Suddenly he saw a young woman running from a hazel-thicket in fear who fell upon the ground. Túrin drew his sword and killed one of her pursuers, who turned out to be Forweg. Túrin then returned to the other outlaws and claimed the captaincy, to which they acceded.[1]


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