Gates of Morning

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The Gate of Morn depicted by Roger Garland.

The Gates of Morning were situated somewhere in the East of the World. While it is said that the great Númenórean mariners, from "their high prows", glimpsed the Gates of Morning during their travels across the seas, nothing further is known about these Gates.[1][2][3]

Other versions of the legendarium

In the mythology of The Book of Lost Tales appears the Gates of Morn or Gates of East, through which the Sunship re-entered the World, after having travelled through the Outer Dark (the Sun left the World through the Door of Night).[4]

However, with the "Sketch of the Mythology" Tolkien re-thought the astronomical foundations of his mythology,[5] and the Sun passes below the Earth. Christopher Tolkien has therefore remarked that the re-appearance of such a concept in many versions of the story of Akallabêth is astonishing.[6][3]

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