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Gelmir (messenger of Círdan)

From Tolkien Gateway
"The Gate of the Noldor" by Peter Xavier Price
Biographical Information
LocationDorthonion, Mouths of Sirion
Physical Description
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Gelmir was a Noldorin Elf, originally of Angrod's people. Tuor noticed at Annon-in-Gelydh a light in his eyes unlike any he had seen in other Elves. Thus, Gelmir and Arminas must have been Calaquendi born in Valinor before the exile.


After the Dagor Bragollach ("Battle of Sudden Flame"), he wandered into the southern regions of Beleriand, and settled with the people of Círdan. He was later sent by Círdan, with his companion Arminas, as a messenger to Nargothrond to bring Orodreth Ulmo's warning of the fall of Nargothrond.[1] Círdan's ships brought them to the Firth of Drengist from whence they turned east. On their way, they met Tuor who was searching for Annon-in-Gelydh. Amused, Gelmir and Arminas told him that he was standing right in front of it. Tuor told them about his intention to flee Dor-lómin and search for Gondolin. They gave him lamps for the tunnel and advised him to go to the havens of the south, for there he might find Gondolindrim whom Turgon had tasked to request the aid of Valinor.

The Elves wished him luck and continued east. They crossed Dor-lómin but got sidetracked by the idea of finding Gondolin. From Gondolindrim among Círdan's people they guessed that Turgon still dwelt in the north. They searched the Vale of Sirion and all lands under the Ered Wethrin in vain and ultimately turned south to Nargothrond.

There, Gelmir told Orodreth and Túrin that they had come further than all other scouts of Nargothrond and seen an army gathering at Sauron's island. Gelmir also delivered Ulmo's message saying that the sources of Sirion were polluted and his power in that river diminished. Orodreth were to destroy the great bridge over Narog and not leave Nargothrond. Orodreth and especially Túrin mistrusted the message and the messengers. Threats and insults were exchanged, Túrin sent the messengers away and Nargothrond fell soon after as Ulmo had foreseen it. Gelmir and Arminas, however, returned south for Círdan had instructed them to give him Orodreth's reply as soon as possible.


The name is Sindarin, but of unclear meaning. It could be a combination of gell ("joy") and mîr ("jewel").[2] If so, it is unusual that the m was not mutated to v, as would usually have happened. It may thus be that his name is in the North Sindarin dialect where this change did not occur.