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This article is about the eastern exit of Goblin-town also known as the "Back-door". For the secret entrance to the Lonely Mountain, see Back Door.
Ted Nasmith - Goblin Gate

The Goblin-gate, also known as Back-door[1] by the Goblins, was a stone door serving as the lower eastern passage to the Goblin-town in the eastern side of the Misty Mountains.[2] It was located near the Eagle's Eyrie and west of the Carrock.[3]

The gate was built by the Orcs of the Misty Mountains "ages" ago both as a means of escape from their tunnels and as a way to access and harass the Wilderland. It was always guarded.[2]

Gandalf led Thorin and Company through that exit to escape the goblins. Bilbo Baggins also escaped from Gollum by squeezing through that stone door and losing his buttons.[4]


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