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"Unhappy Gorlim" by Turner Mohan
Biographical Information
Other namesthe Unhappy, the Hapless
DeathF.A. 460
Notable forbetraying the location of Barahir's outlaw band
Physical Description
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Gorlim, called the Unhappy and the Hapless, was one of Barahir's outlaws.


Gorlim, son of Angrim, was married to Eilinel. He owned a small patch of land, with fields and woods.[1] He joined his lord Barahir to the Dagor Bragollach, and fought beside him to the last. He was one of only twelve survivors of the men that had gone to war.[2] But when he returned home after the war, he found his lands plundered, and Eilinel was nowhere to be found. He joined with Barahir, who had formed a small band of outlaws with the other surviving warriors. They retreated to Dorthonion, where they managed to evade Morgoth's troops for several years.

Still uncertain about his wife's fate, Gorlim would at times depart the group alone and in secret, and return to his house to look for Eilinel. Morgoth's spies learned of this, and Sauron prepared a trap for him. One autumn, as Gorlim again ventured to his old abode, he saw what he thought was Eilinel, shining in the window. He was captured by Sauron's hunters, and tortured for information on the outlaws. After he refused to give any, the hunters promised to reunite him with his wife if he yielded. Gorlim, yearning for his lost love, faltered, and was brought before Sauron. Thinking his wife was captured by the Dark Lord, Gorlim offered the information in exchange for a free life with his wife. Sauron agreed, and after Gorlim had upheld his end of the bargain, revealed why: Eilinel was long dead, and Gorlim would indeed be reunited with her. He was put to death, cruelly.

Barahir and the other outlaws were discovered and killed, except for Barahir's son Beren, who had been on an errand. In a dream, the wraith of Gorlim appeared to him, and confessed his deeds. The wraith urged Beren to inform his father, but it was too late.[1]


b. F.A.
d. F.A. 460
d. F.A. 455

Other versions of the legendarium

In the first version of the Lay of Leithian, it was Morgoth himself, not Sauron, that tricked Gorlim into betraying Barahir.[3]


2014: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

An artifact known as the "Frowning Skull" contains a memory of Sauron interrogating Gorlim and tricking him into betraying his companions. At the end of the memory, it is stated by Sauron that his skull would be kept as a reminder of his irresistible will. The artifact's description also claims that the skull has been treasured by the "Death's Head", an assassin cult of Orcs within Mordor for a thousand years prior to the game's events, "as a symbol of their glorious future free of the scourge of Man".


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