Great Market

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Map of Gondolin showing the Great Market on the eastern side

The Great Market was a large market in Gondolin, according to the early version of the legendarium in The Book of Lost Tales.

When the Fall of Gondolin began, it was defended by Glorfindel and his house of the Golden Flower. After the destruction of the northern gate, they marched there to help, but a force of Orcs led by Balrogs surprised them, and they fought in the market for hours. Then a fire-drake appeared and they were overwhelmed, so Glorfindel had to retreat with the few men he was left. With the fire of the dragon, all the market was burned down, along with its stores and fair workmanships. King Turgon had sent the host of the Harp to help there, but their own lord Salgant lied to them and took them to the Lesser Market, where he dwelt. Realizing the treachery, the men of the Harp abandoned their lord and went back in time to save Glorfindel. With great wrath but leaderless, they pushed the enemy back to this market, where the fire of the dragon consumed many of them.[1]